Know what happens to health by eating fast food

Many of us gets too much taste by eating fast food. But if eating this becomes habit then the danger of its can not be burked. Like western world, fast food is becoming so popular to our people. But western are now critcising fast food in many way.


In the present world fast food has made its root too strong. And people likes fast food mainly for three reason; it is fast , easy and cheap. But the reaction it creates in our body is not so easy.

Now a days everyone knows that fast food is so tasty because it is full of sugar and fat. Especially, this too much sugar is now matter of thinking for many people. And now there is going an uproar in western country to reduce this sugar. Media and social worker are strongly stands against this in west.

Fat elements, especially “saturated fat” are good and helpful to health. We get this kind of fat too much from olieaginious fish. To maintain proper health level and to keep good health this types of fats are necessary. With this fats our body protects us from some diseases and also gives us energy to do work.

Fats are the natural pillow of our body. To give the necessary protection of our internal organs and to keep them comfortable, fat works. Think that if our buttocks would be flesh and fat free, how would we sit. And if there would be no fat how much would we suffer in hot and cold. Body’s natural fuel source is this fat. Our body keeps extra one lakh calories to use in time of need. Carbo-hydrate cab be called as the weak anti of fat. You can get extra one thousand and ninety –hundred saved carbo-hydrate is a day.

Fats two positive effect in human body is to help to digest food and saving energy. Bodies most needed vitamin- A, D, E and K are mixed is fat and also we would not get hungry without the fat hormon. We acclaimed fat a lot, now we must come to the main point.


By eating fast food daily body can face many short term and long term diseases. According to the us Goverments suggestion paper it is said to take less than 3o gm saturated fat for adult man and less than 20 gm saturated fat for women. And for trans-fat, the level is below 5 gm. But the fact is, in a regular size burger the level of saturated fat is 10 gm. According to the same suggestion paper, daily needed 4/1 calori contains a burger. So, be careful, before giving every bite. Now this result is for burger, think about other fried and soft drinks.

Lets talk about our brain. Brain is only 2% of our body. But in that scale the needs of our brains are so much. Bain consumes 25% of our saved energy. And why not? All the tremendous ideas, logic controlling our bodies are done by brain.

There is no way for fat in brain. Because this is system of our blood circulation. And the fuel of our brain is not carbo- hydrate or fat. So will you eat fast food or not ask this question to your brain. Use you brain.

So mainly fast food effect on your Body that’s are Extra calories, insulin resistance, blood sugar spike, a weighty problem, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hard on the heart, bloating and puffiness, shortness of breath, depression, acne, headache, dental distress and so many on.