Do Miracles Still Happen?

No one wakes up expecting that today will be your last day on planet earth. Everybody gets up and goes to work or to school like every other day, until you realize your life is knocking on death’s door-this happened to me on September 9, 2014.

After not being able to breath for a few days from running which I do every other day, at the urging of my wife, I saw my doctor who ordered a CT scan for my chest which revealed I had pulmonary emboli (blood clots) throughout both lungs, too numerous to count. I was given a medical death sentence by the Radiologist and my emergency care team at the hospital as my blood clots were that extensive.

My Life is in God’s Eternal Hands

At that moment all you can do is to pray, and heartfelt prayer I did. I asked God to spare my life, but not for my will, but instead that His will be down. As a Christian believer in the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior for many years since first accepting the Lord into my life as young child of 9 or 10 years old in the late 1960s, I knew my last breath on planet earth would be my first breath in heaven. My eternal destination-HEAVEN was secure as you are reading this article.

God spared my life that day and gave me so many more today’s to live that I am extremely thankful and grateful for. There are too many events that lead up to me being treated that day, that are anything than randomness or happenstance. No, instead God intervened on my behalf during the course of nearly 1 week that lead up to that day and spared my life simple as that.

Lessons Learned:

1) Your Relationship with the Lord:

Apart from your relationship first and foremost with Almighty God, author of creation and salvation, and your family and friends second, nothing else in this world matters. Everything else is a chasing after the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:14, I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind. You are on this planet but a whisper of time, you are but a vapor, then you die, and you will spend the rest of all eternity, either in heaven if you have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior of your life as I have done. If not, then by default you will spend the rest of all eternity in Hell, forever separated by the Love of God to live in torment in the eternal lake of fire. Acts 4:12 states, Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.

2) Trust in God in All Things:

The day I was given my medical death sentence, there was no guarantee that I was even going to survive the day. However I knew that my God is greater than my biggest problem. Even though I didn’t see a way out, does not mean that God does not have a plan on His own. I trusted in God with all my hope and faith knowing that He controls life and death. And even if He was going to take me home, I knew where I was going-heaven! I had committed myself to the Lord’s hands as a small child so I was as sure of my heavenly reception as you are breathing.

You have to develop the faith, unshakable faith to withstand all that this world will try to break and tear you down. My faith has grown so much from having gone through this experience, in that I want to encourage others through my testimony that you too can grow through similar experiences as well, if you have the faith that is required.

3) Relationships Matter:

After nearly dying, apart from my relationship with the Lord above, my relationships matter than things, then my job, than hobbies. I realized where I need to put more of my time in investing time with the people that are most important to me, my wife and my family. Successful relationships begin with putting the people first in your life. Where are you spending most of your time outside of your job? Think about it. All of us only have 24 hours a day. My challenge to you is how are you investing in your time?

The graveyards are full of lost souls who died way too early, and probably wish they had more time to spend on earth with their families for their friends but did not. Death and dying will happen to all of us one day. Make sure you leave a legacy of Godly living and an example your family and friends would be proud of.