Diseases Of Tooth And Its Remedy

Every ages people faces tooth problem. But as the age grows, tooth problem grows. Also there seem some difference us manner. Question arises that what kinds of tooth problem may occur with old age?
Generally below described problem occurs in the aged person teeth and area. They are caries, pioria, loosing teeth, diseases in jaw’s joint, ulcer (oral) and so on.

Question is how one get rid of this problem? Solution is:

  • Brush your teeth regularly
  • Do treatment at the very beginning of teeth problems.
  • Make your sharp edge of teeth smooth.
  • Try to replace your lost tooth soon with respective treatment.
  • Controlling diabetes, high blood pressure and tension.
  • Giving up cigarette, betel leaf, tobaccos. Alcohol and oral system.
  • Should check up an experienced dentist in twice at a year.

Question arises that what kinds of tooth problem do children face? How do get rid off?

Problems, children faces are:

  • Tooth decay
  • Disproportion of teeth.
  • Lips and palates problems.
  • If teeth does not grow and fall in proper time
  • Deformed jaw

To get rid of this problems there is no alternative of mother’s beast also keeping sugar foods limited.
What is sensitive teeth? What should be done if this problem occurs?

If the cementum level decays teeth becomes sensitive. Reasons behinds this is-

  • Brushing teeth with coal, powder and things like this.
  • Not having proper knowledge how to brush.
  • Cutting yarn, nail with teeth.
  • Breaking teeth in accident


Generally if one can protect ones teeth from above mentioned problems, tooth decay can be solved. But if tooth decay happens one must consult with dentist.


What is the reason of tooth’s color changing? And is the remedy?

The reason of tooth’s color changing is:

  • If tooth affect by accident.
  • For diseases like jaundice and fever.
  • If mother takes tetracyclin medicine.
  • Taking too much chloride food.
  • Eating many kinds of color foods.

If one can prevent this reason the color of teeth will be fine. But if the color changes for any reason one should consult with dentist.

What is tooth decay? How to remedy?

Inside of the hole in teeth is called tooth decay. Specially sweet types of foods keep in the food particles between two teeth and the accumulation of tooth so the teeth decay is started. To remedy the teeth decay, the pain can be a cure before teeth filling. If the pain is starts people should do root canal. Because canal only a method to reduce the primary teeth pain.
How to take care of the artificial teeth?

People should take care of there artificial teeth. They should clean there teeth everyday. Be careful when the artificial teeth because it may fall down.

Why is gum disease? What kind of treatment of gum diseases?

Gum disease is usually the accumulation of food particles in the teeth are made of a strong dental plug. And the gum disease is caused. In addition, gum disease may be another reason, such as diabetes. If gum disease is seen then an experienced dental surgeon by scaling (teeth and gums clean) and Mouth wash be used. Need to take care of teeth regularly.

For healthy teeth and strong gum’s need regular care. Brush your teeth in two times a day. And check up your teeth with a good specialist in a year.

Natural healing of tooth pain:

At home we can solve our teeth pain. Like: we can use warm water with salt, take a piece of ginger and chew with the affected tooth etc.