ADHD Cartoons

ADHD is a disorder of Attention Deficit Hyperactive. This is a disorder which is related to the neural system. As a neural disorder it affects the brain and physical actions of a person. It is commonly found in children, some children carry this disorder even to their adulthood. A child with this disorder shows symptoms of hyper active, behavioral nuisances, annoying the environment, paying less attention to everything and poor concentration on studies. An ADHD adult also shows these symptoms and along with these he acts like a child.

An Attention Deficit Disorder Cartoon is one which shows drawings and pictures related to Attention Deficit Disorders. When we see these cartoons, they are more on adult ADHD than on child ADHD. Cartoons are mostly drawn with a sense of humor and that is why people are attracted to them. If an adult acts like a child, it produces more humor than a child doing strange activities. This may be the reason why Adult ADHD Cartoons are more available than child ADHD Cartoons. These cartoons are also designed as if showing the suffering of the parents of ADHD children, suffering of a wife with his ADHD husband and the humor rises when a doctor treats an ADHD affected patient. In some cartoons it is shown as if the doctors who treat the ADHD patients themselves have the symptom of not paying attention, funny actions, etc. and doctors giving funny treatments to the patients. Though most of the cartoons are drawn with humor sense some stand for the concept. Any ways, people need to have a good knowledge about Attention Deficit Disorders to make fine cartoons on it, whether it is humorous or not.

The ADHD cartoons are of course funny ones but they are not made for the purpose of looking at it and throwing it simply. The purposes of them are not funny but great; the purposes are many also. These cartoons are used in the articles related ADHD, in order to give a clearer picture of the disease. We can explain things more easily with pictures than with words. These cartoons used also for bringing the attention of the people on the disorder. People are attracted towards pictures and that too especially towards humorous pictures. The ADHD cartoons are useful for the people to know about the disorder and understand the symptoms of it. Some people may not know what ADHD is, on seeing these cartoons they will at least ask others what it is and it will be the reason for their awareness of the disease.