7 Natural Remedies For Yeast Infections

Yeast infections are common. They cause a lot of pain and discomfort especially when left untreated. Most women will suffer from the infection at some point. It is characterized by burning, pain, discharge and uncomfortable itching around the genitals. The female genitalia is naturally damp and warm and this easily leads to unhealthy fungus formation. There are other factors that can cause this uncomfortable condition but fortunately it is possible to relieve the symptoms and eliminate the problem using safe, natural remedies.

1. Apple cider vinegar — The best form is the organic form of this vinegar which works by soothing the infection. You can mix 3 tablespoons of the vinegar in 1 quart water. Use this solution to clean the genitals. Colloidal silver can also be included in the mix for added benefits.

2. Probiotics — Antibiotics have a way of increasing the chances of getting a yeast infection since they end up killing even the good bacteria in the body. You can however take charge by taking probiotic supplements to replace the lost good bacteria. Apart from the supplements, the good bacteria can also be found in foods including yoghurt. They help by fighting and maintaining the natural flora of the gut; hence the formation of fungus is controlled.

3. Garlic — Organic garlic is another natural remedy you can use to fight yeast infections. It has antifungal properties and antibacterial properties making it a very good remedy for clearing up the infection. The fresh cloves of garlic can be taken raw several times every day to deal with the infection.

4. Tea tree oil — It is a very powerful fungal cleanser and the best part is that it is natural. A few drops of the oil can be placed on a tampon before it is inserted into the vagina for a few hours to take care of the situation. It can be inserted in the morning and in the afternoon, but should never remain inserted overnight. The symptoms should subside in a few days.

5. Oregano oil — It reduces Candida and yeast infections making it a great natural remedy. The drops can be taken as capsules at least twice daily. It is best taken after meals.

6. Cranberries — They are popular with bladder infections, but they are also very effective in dealing with yeast infections. They work by boosting healthy vaginal pH balance which fights fungal infections. You can take unsweetened juice every day to get relief. Plain yoghurt also works in the same way and it’s another great remedy for the infection.

7. Make personal changes — They include keeping off harsh products such as bathing soaps and practices such as douching. It is also advisable to wear loose clothing more often to keep air circulation well around the genitals which keeps fungus growth at bay. Drink lots of water. Relaxing is also another way to effectively fight yeast infections without using medications.